Exshaw Cement Plant

Class Action Against Lafarge’s Exshaw Cement Plant

What is the lawsuit about?

Napoli Shkolnik Canada has launched a class action lawsuit on behalf of those living near the Lafarge Canada Inc. Exshaw Cement Plant in Exshaw, Alberta. The lawsuit alleges that the cement plant produces excessive and unreasonable amounts of dust, noise, and odour. Daily blasts from Lafarge’s mining operations can also be felt in nearby properties, causing homes to violently shake.

The cement plant is located in the environmentally sensitive Bow Valley, just down the road from Canmore, Alberta, and Banff National Park. The plant is also situated next to a residential area and shares a fence with the local elementary school.

The Plant and Environmental Hazards

According to the claim, while the cement plant has long been a source of annoyance in the local community, these issues have escalated since Lafarge’s 2016 expansions, which dramatically increased the plant’s capacity. Following these expansions, the amount of dust leaving the cement plant greatly increased. Huge clouds of carcinogenic cement dust now regularly leave the plant and blanket nearby properties. The dust covers everything from the exterior of homes, vehicles, and patios and is extremely difficult to remove. In the winter, the snow in nearby communities turns black from the dust, including the snow in the elementary school yard.

The lawsuit aims to hold Lafarge accountable

The lawsuit aims to hold Lafarge accountable for the harm caused by the dust, noise, odour, and vibrations emanating from the cement plant which has not only impacted property values but has also hindered the local community’s ability to enjoy the otherwise pristine character of their neighbourhood. The claim also seeks punitive damages against Lafarge for its misleading statements about the cement plant’s environmental impact and for its continuous violation of environmental and safety standards.

Class Member Declaration

Lafarge cement plant class member declarationIf you have been impacted by the Lafarge Exshaw Cement Plant, please fill out this Class Member Declaration and return it to ABordignon@napolilaw.ca.

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