Pursuing Justice for First Nations in Opioid Litigation


We recognize the significant impact of the opioid epidemic on indigenous communities and are committed to seeking justice and securing the necessary resources to implement local abatement programs. 

Committed Opioid Lawyers On Behalf of First Nations

In line with our mission to advocate for justice, Napoli Shkolnik Canada has filed a class action on behalf of all Canadian First Nations. This legal action aims to recover the costs incurred by First Nations in combating the opioid epidemic and to secure the funds required to support and implement local abatement programs. Our goal is to ensure that the necessary resources are available to address the devastating effects of opioid addiction and provide long-term solutions for affected communities.

Press Release: First Nations Sue Canada for Breach of Treaty and Dishonourable Deal with Purdue
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If you represent a Canadian First Nation affected by the opioid epidemic, Napoli Shkolnik Canada is here to help you fight for justice and obtain the necessary resources to combat this crisis. Contact us now to learn more about how we can assist you in pursuing your legal rights and recovering the costs incurred in addressing the opioid epidemic.

Our experienced team at Napoli Shkolnik Canada is ready to provide the legal support you need. Together, let’s work towards securing a better future for First Nations and affected communities in Canada.

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